Race Details

EVENT PROGRAM: The window below is the official Event Program for the 2020 Surf Coast Century and is essential reading for all event attendees as it explains the event’s format with COVID-safe plans, event schedule, course details, maps and more.

> View program directly in Issuu here
> Download (and print) a PDF copy here

The details in the Event Program supersedes all previous event plans we have shared and is the confirmed format for the event (bar a disaster!).


The Surf Coast Century presented by MINI starts and finishes at the pleasant seaside town of Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, approximately 1.5hrs drive from Melbourne.

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Event Centre at Anglesea Green

The set up at the Event Centre will be smaller than previous years to comply with our COVID-safe plan but will still provide the opportunity to celebrate your mighty accomplishments. It will include the following:

  • RACE FINISH line for all races – 100km, 50km
  • Race Registration and HQ marquee
  • The MINI Lounge – a display by our presenting partner sponsor. (Due to COVID restrictions no other sponsors will set up in 2020)
  • Coffee van and BBQ
  • Bells Beach Brewing bar
  • Tables, chairs, music and atmosphere…
  • Check Point 4, being the 50km point of the 100km course with associated services (eg, race kitchen and bag drop off)
  • Checkpoint drop-bag drop off location and collection marquees
  • Finish line food / water station
  • Medical assistance station

Anglesea Township Map – Click Here (includes Parking, Start & Event Centre locations)

Believe it when they say this is an unbelievable event. The scenery and surrounds are amazing. Take a moment to take it all in. (Julie, 2019 Participant)

Competitor registration (race pack collection)

Registration will be conducted in a modified format so we do not exceed group gathering limits and will be conducted as follows:

  • Competitors must attend registration during the specific time period relevant to them, as outlined below.
  • 100km and 50km Solo runners – you can bring up to 5 people with you to registration (so a max of 6 people per entry)
  • Team runners – all team members can attend plus 1 extra person per team runner (so a max of 8 people)
  • All on the day entries and team / entry changes to be completed on competitors own mobile device.

Friday 4th December

Designated registration windows for each entrant type:

100km solo:   1pm – 2pm           5pm – 6pm

50km solo:           2pm – 3pm           6pm – 7pm

100km teams:     3pm – 4pm           7pm – 8pm

Saturday 5th December

9:00am – 12:00pm: registration for 100km relay teams

Competitor Briefing – Friday 4th December

A competitor briefing will be provided via Facebook Live at 7pm Friday evening with the opportunity for runners to ask questions (via comments) and watch it again later in the evening.

Race Presentations

Due to group gathering limits we will not conduct a physical presentation ceremony you can attend, instead we will conduct a virtual ceremony live on the Rapid Ascent Ultra Running Event Facebook page where we will read the results and ‘award’ trophies and prizes online. Ceremonies will be:

  • 50km and 100km solo presentations: 10:00am Sunday morning.
  • 100km relay teams presentations: we will award winners and podium getters on the finish line on Sunday

Solo podium getters must come past the race registration marquee after 10:00am on Sunday to collect your trophies and prizes or make arrangements for them to be posted to you (at your own cost).


We are excited to advise that support crews ARE permitted at the 2020 Surf Coast Century, with some restrictions and consideration of our COVID-safe plan and group gathering limits. See the Spectators and Supporters page for more details.

The following matrix provides a summary of what is available and who can attend each checkpoint on the courses.

Refer below for explanation of each CP type, drop bags, location and instructions.

On course nutrition and CP type

To avoid common touch points and remain COVID-safe we require competitors to follow these procedures at checkpoints in 2020:

  • Runners cannot handle the provided race food but must be served the food they want by a designated volunteer. Race food will be served in small, single serve paper / plastc bags.
  • Runners cannot touch the water drums or taps. Runners must hold their water bottle / bladder while only a volunteer touches and operates the tap

There are three types of checkpoint along the courses that serve the race food listed below.

Race Kitchens

Race Kitchens will be set up at the end of each leg and provide a more substantial range of foods and drinks such as:

  • Tailwind Nutrition powder. You can mix your own to your preferred strength
  • Sandwiches – sweet and savoury
  • Bananas
  • Fruit cake and/or honey and oat slice
  • Roasted potatoes
  • ‘Shapes’ dry biscuits and potato chips
  • Snakes and lollies
  • CLIF Bars
  • Risotto (CP6 only) *
  • Soup (CP6 only) *
  • Two minute noodl es (CP6 only) *
  • Hot water and cups so you can make your own tea and instant coffee (CP6 only) *

* There will be no hot food on Sunday for the 100km Relay Teams event.

Intermediary Race Kitchens

Intermediary race kitchens will be set up roughly half way along each leg of the legs and provide an intermediary refuel location when you need it most with the following items:

  • Tailwind Nutrition powder. You can mix your own to your preferred strength
  • Sandwiches – sweet and savory
  • Bananas
  • CLIF Bars
  • Fruit cake and/or honey and oat slice
  • Snakes and lollies
  • ‘Shapes’ dry biscuits and potato chips (CP3, CP5, CP7)

Unmanned water points: CP3A and CP4A

There will be drums of water and / or a tap with drinking water at these locations. There will be no marshals here and support crews cannot provide any assistance at these locations.

For your first Ultra I would definitely recommend doing the Surf Coast Century. The location, friendly support, facilities and trails were fantastic! I will be back! (Maryanne, 2019 Participant)

Check point drop-bag transportation

We will transport a bag (that may have spare clothing, personal nutrition, supplies…) for competitors from Anglesea registration to selected check points and back again.

Bags will be transported from registration in Anglesea to:

  • CP2 – the 21km point at Torquay Surf Beach (Rotary Rotunda at the back of the Torquay SLSC)
  • CP4 – the 49km point at the Anglesea Shark Park (note – you can also drop these off yourself as CP4 is immediately adjacent to the start line)
  • CP6 – the 77km point at the Moggs Creek Picnic Ground (Boyd Ave).

Drop bags must be invididually labeled and be dropped off to the Drop Bag Area during registration in the Event Centre.