Spectators and Support Crew

The EVENT PROGRAM for 2020 Surf Coast Century is essential reading for all event attendees as it explains the event’s format with COVID-safe plans, event schedule, course details, maps and more. READ IT HERE.

The details in the Event Program supersedes all previous event plans we have shared and is the confirmed format for the event (bar a disaster!).

YES – support crew can assist!

We are excited to advise that support crews ARE permitted at the 2020 Surf Coast Century, with some restrictions and consideration of our COVID-safe plan and group gathering limits.

Notes for all support crew and teammates assisting runners – VERY IMPORTANT:

  • You must practice social distancing and remain at least 1.5m apart
  • All group gatherings must be less than 50 people and be no more concentrated than 1 person per 4 square metres
  • If you are unable to social distance and/or fulfill the above requirements (eg. when servicing your runner) you must wear a mask or disperse

Support crews are able to assist the following runners as described:

100km solo runners:

  • 1 support crew person per runner permitted
  • Support crews can see your runner from Bells Beach (25km pt on Leg 2) onwards – please do not try to see them before this point
  • Support crews can physically assist your runner at CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6, CP7 in the designated checkpoint area. (NOTE. Bells Beach is not a checkpoint, you can see them here but you cannot assist them).
  • Support crew cannot assist runners at any other location on the course – but you can see them and give them a cheer elsewhere

50km solo runners:

  • 1 support crew person per runner permitted
  • Support crews can physically assist your runner at CP5, CP6, CP7 in the designated checkpoint area
  • Support crews can see your runner at any point along the 50km course – but you can only assist in the checkpoints

100km relay teams runners:

  • Teammates permitted to physically assist one another at CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6, CP7 in the designated checkpoint area. You cannot assist them anywhere else.
  • Only the teammates in your own team can assist you. No other spectators, family members of support crew can support you or see you along the course

At the finish line

  • 100km and 50km Solo runners: A maximum of 5 additional people can watch you at the finish line (meaning 6 people per solo runner total)
  • 100km team runners: A maximum of 7 additional can watch you at the finish line (meaning 8 people per team including the leg 4 runner total)
  • Only go to the finish around the time your runner is expected, not hours in advance.
  • Please disperse soon after finishing, especially if there is a large gathering of people waiting for their finishers

Here is a handy table with each CP and who can attend:

HERE is a support crew map to help you find your way around the course.

The EVENT PROGRAM also has directions and information about each checkpoint and how to get there. Read it HERE.

GPS live tracking

Watch the race progress online with RACEMAP

We will be using GPS tracking software that allows you to track runners along the course using YOUR MOBILE PHONE as the GPS tracker. Coverage along most of the course is very good so this  allows you to watch the race and see where your runners are in real time.

  • Download the ‘RACE MAP’ app onto your phone
  • Runners will receive specific intructions nearer the race explaining how to register and track yourself (its easy!)
  • Spectators need only scroll down to the ‘Surf Coast Century’ in the list of events and click ‘Watch Now’ to see all runners. You can search for and select specific runners as well.

NOTE: Sometimes you may need to go back to the intro screen and click ‘Watch Now’ again to refresh the map to see more runners.

Running the app does drain your phone battery more than normal so we encourage solo runners to only track yourself in the lead in to earlier checkpoints OR to carry a small powerpack to keep their phone charged up during the run. It is best to save your battery power until the latter stages of the race.

We strongly encourage everyone to register your phone and track yourselves whilst racing so your supporters can see where you are and engage with you – GIVE THEM A CALL!  

Live Event Splits

Live splits from each check point will be sent directly to the web (and a mobile friendly website) during the race so you can track specific runners and see the overall and category results during the event. The live result links will be posted to the event homepage and results.

We take the risks of COVID-19 very seriously and require everyone to be aware of and follow these steps.

COVID-safe plan


  • display any COVID symptoms or are awaiting the results of a COVID test
  • have been in contact with a COVID case or suspected COVID case within the last 14 days
  • have returned from overseas or a designated COVID hotspot within the last 14 days
  • we ask that anyone attending the event to download and use COVIDsafe app on their mobile phone


  • all event attendees must practice social distancing at the event and maintain groups of less than 50 people
  • all group gatherings to be no more concentrated than 1 person per 4sq/m. If in doubt then please remain 1.5m apart and follow the social distancing signage and protocols
  • no person-to-person contact at the event – such as high 5’s, hugging and handshakes. Elbow bumps only
  • masks: all runners, spectators and support crew must carry a mask at all times. Please wear a mask if you are unable to social distance


  • use the hand wash / sanitisation stations established at checkpoints, the finish and other areas
  • respect others and help leave toilets, shared surfaces and common touch points clean. Use the gloves and disinfectant provided to help staff keep things clean and safe
  • please bring your own supplies rather than relying on shared items – such as race food, water, cups, water bottles, pens and paper…

The volunteers and support crews out on the course were amazing and many thanks to them all for the cheering and encouragement they gave to every runner over the day. Whether you were a first timer or an ultra veteran everyone is treated like a rock star! (Gayle, 2019 Participant)