Triple Crown

The Ultra Running Triple Crown

Rapid Ascent conduct three of Australia’s largest, and most noteworthy ultra running events. To complete the long course alternative at each event is a considerable accomplishment so in order to recognize (and encourage) runners to achieve this feat we have created The Rapid Ascent ‘Ultra Running Triple-Crown’.
The Triple Crown is awarded to any competitor who completes these 3 ultra running events:

There is no minimum finish time for each race but you must complete the long course alternative at each race (as listed above) within a 5 year timeframe.
The Triple Crown is the ultimate challenge for Australian ultra runners and is set as a bucket list objective for those brave enough to commit to the three events, and strong enough to make it to the finish line.

Triple Crown achievers receive:

  • An exclusive Patagonia fleece embroidered with the event logos to wear with pride*
  • Your name listed on the Triple Crown ‘honor-board’ listed on the website for each event
  • Your name engraved on the Triple Crown shield that is displayed at each event
  • The complete 3 finisher’s glass collection to display proudly at home or work
  • Your name forever in the Rapid Ascent history books
  • AND ultimate bragging rights!

The Triple Crown is within reach, and we expect only a handful of Triple Crown inductees to be added into this hall of fame each year. Will you be one of them?

  • Please note if you enter within 3 weeks of race day your fleece may not be available on race day. We’ll get this sent out to you ASAP!

Triple Crown Hall of Fame

These people have completed the three Triple Crown races and truly deserve our respect!:

  • Deb Nicholl
  • Graham Challice
  • Miriam Herold
  • Erica Rusbridge
  • Teresa Wood
  • Adrian Hudson
  • Asha Mahasuria
  • Deb Gale
  • Kristen Kelly
  • Meredith Pretty
  • Steve Whalley
  • Gayle Cowling
  • Dan Bennett
  • Rowan Brookes
  • Sarah Niven
  • Linda Bade
  • Lyal Douglas