Event Ambassadors

Each year we appoint several different event ambassadors who we believe embody the different aspects of the Surf Coast Century. They’re here to inspire and help inspire you to be a part of the Surf Coast Century!

2024 Rookie Ambassadors

Each year we appoint a ‘Rookie Ambassador’ who is lining up for their first ultra marathon at the Surf Coast Century. We follow their progress and share their stories as they train, learn and develop into ultra runners – providing stories we can all relate to and inspiring all runners along the way.

Rapid Ascent would like to introduce you to our 2 Surf Coast Century Rookie Ambassadors for 2024:

  • 100KM Rookie – a 100km first-time participant – Caroline Overbeek
  • 50KM Rookie – NEW – a 50km first time participant – Matt Drysdale

We received a number of very inspiring applications for this years program, and as communicated to all our applicants – it’s always (yes always!) a very tough decision. After careful consideration of our key criteria and the applicants own personal story of why/who/how, it is Caroline and Matt who we can’t wait to learn more about and to follow their journey to the 2024 Surf Coast Century.


Here’s a little more about our Ambassadors – CLICK HERE TO READ >>

Caroline at the Trail Running Series in Anglesea. Matt Drysdale ready to roll…


Caroline recently ran the 50km at UTMB, again as a first time “longer than a marathon” distance (see pics below). And Matt’s been rolling around the Peninsula.

  • Check out Caroline’s pics – lots of running and snoozing!
  • Click Here to see and read Matt’s latest training run updates on his Facebook Page.

POST 3: MAY – CAROLINE’S Twelve Days of Christmas, Part A

“Hi everyone, I was planning on singing my Part A report but I chickened out.  Some would rightly say that in doing so, I did you all a community service.  So please read/sing my Part A report below to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas (if you know it)…”

Click Here to Read/Sing >> with Caroline about her latest training and racing adventures (pics too!)

POST 4: MAY – Matt tweaks an ankle

“I’ve been building my base pretty well, working up to a 40km on the two bays trail a few weeks ago. Had a slight hiccup on Sundays run rolling my ankle but should be back on my feet in 2-3 weeks. The new shoes (La Sportiva – thank you!) are great! Strength and bike training for me until I can hit the trails again…” – Matt

POST 5: JUNE – Carolines event adventures and battle of blisters

“Me and this thang called trail running…

If I don’t put down the money/run with someone, my run simply doesn’t happen.  I lack the discipline to run solo, as I am, at heart, a social runner.  And I am okay with that as social running (like the Trail Running Series for me), has led to an exponential increase in my enjoyment factor (and changed my life really).  This, in turn, has led to greater courage and capacity to undertake harder and longer events but still in my characteristic, slow burner, style.”

READ FULL JUNE REPORT HERE (including Blister Discussion) >>  

POST 6: JUNE – Matt’s rehab and back to running…

“Less than 100 days to go now and I’m so excited.  Oh and a massive shout out to La Sportiva for my new shoes!!”


2024 Elite Ambassadors

Coming soon!


Read the stories form our previous Rookie Ambassadors HERE (they are fascinating)

Ask the Experts

The Running Man: David is the man behind ‘The Running Man’ website, providing training programs and advice for runners. He has also written some great training programs and training tips that are available for FREE from the First Timers page

David is happy to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone considering the Surf Coast Century and are an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE for runners and are honestly available for you to contact with your questions.

They can also provide customised training programs and techniques to improve your running even further but these additional services may be for a paid fee. Email: [email protected]